Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Shining Bird

Get on this! The Shining Bird's new video clip! Edited by I am None main man Dave Fox. Album looks like its going to be insane! Get on over to Home and Hosed at Triple J to check it out!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Guest Post - Tom Jennings

For those of you that know Tom Jennings I'm sure would agree its pretty difficult to sum the guy up in a couple sentences. For those that don't I will try and give it a shot for you. 

Tom Jennings - I've known the guy for a while now. Always thought he was pretty out there! Met him when I was 17 living in Perth. Trigg point frother who makes his living filming standups mostly but doesn't shy away from the boogs like most of his other mates. His frothbeard runs down his gangly frame at a rate of knots when the word ocean or buoy report is ushered between the boys with the beard being said to be without comparision to anyone in this neck of the woods!! Anyways I managed to get him to do a guest posting because he's been contributing greatly to my cause over the last 6 months. So here we go prepare yourself people, I'm letting him loose!

Summer (Take 2) (Jenno Remix)

Dec/Jan/Feb - It can be a brutal time of year for wave rider and camera man alike.

The season got off to a blinder with a massive storm that left most beaches and banks looking like a homeless shelter covered in weed and about as carved out as a crack addicts jaw line.

With summers in WA usually consisting of crap south swells and even crapper south winds mixed with tides that resemble a bushmans drop dunny things were looking grim to say the least.

But as luck would have it we have been blessed with unexpected decent run of waves.
Although no wedges or sand banks on offer we have made the most of unseasonable west swells and light winds. With even the fickle mistress North point lighting up with Hardy and Veitchy doing what they do best.

Over the past few months I have been fortunate enough through my work as a camera man to afford the luxury of a new high speed sony fs camera rig . Giving a completely different aspect (much like film but with a HD feel) to wave riding for both rider, filmer and viewer the results have been something to look forward to at the end of each session.

The clips that have been stacked up from Halsey, Drew and the groms are exciting to say the least and with the calendar flicking over to autumn there is a quiet froth of anticipation lingering at the end of every weekly forecast. As of now there is a semi large swell ball heading our way, it doesn’t look all time but its definitely start.

Who knows that winter will bring. (Hopefully the completion of stricko's fucking video!) haha








Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Multiple Posts...??!!

Rabbits had a bank. It existed briefly. Those who were lucky enough to be present on those few rare days were treated to something special.

In my opinion theres nothing better than scoring uncrowded waves with your mates on a wednesday after work. Hooting each other into the biggest heaviest beachie pits you'll find anywhere in Aus till near on dark regardless of the lingering threat of the man-eaters that have been hanging around lately....

Check it out!


Empty Perfection